Pathway as a Patient

August 20, 2023

What happens when I walk into Sports Physio UK?

When you arrive at Sports Physio UK we have a specific patient pathway to ensure the experience to encounter is that of everyone else and is of great quality. You will be greeted by one of the Bookings and Administration Team on Reception. These will take your name and let your Practitioner know you have arrived with the Clinical Booking system used. They will hand you a registration form which just outlines your basic health and contact details and then, you will be seen and hopefully fixed.

Why give us your detail?

The registration form is a legal requirement as it provides signed consent to be treated by one of the clinical Practitioner at Sports Physio UK. It is important it is completed fully and correct to your knowledge. If any details change in the future like address, Doctors or medication etc, you must let your Practitioner know.

Meeting the Team

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Dave Sedgewick - one of the Admin Team and Owner[/caption]The Admin Team member on reception will offer you a hot or cold drink. This is a great tool to help you feel a little more relaxed. At Sports Physio UK we provide water, cold cordial squash and tea and coffee.When ready, your Practitioner will come and join you with a smile introducing themselves and leading the way to the treatment room.Generally, you will see the same Practitioner each time, unless you have been signposted to a practitioner with a set of skills who may aid your recovery better.EveningsIf you have an appointment after 6pm during the week, the Booking and Administration team will have left the clinic and the Reception area on the ground floor will be closed. On the first floor, following the corridor around at the top of the stairs, we there is a waiting room with tea and coffee supplies waiting for you. On the first visit, your Practitioner will come out to you with a smile and ask you to complete the form while he may be finishing with another Patient.

What happens in a treatment at Sports Physio UK?

The first session will begin with the Practitioner completing and assessment and discussing the nature and extent of the symptoms. This often involves discussing the issue and also examining and observing the area. Some movement may be required and the Practitioner may ask for a patient to walk around or do some specific movements. This allows the Practitioner to assess further and help come to an agreed treatment plan later.Practitioners will ask details which may feel personal regarding allergies, phobias and general health, at home or work, but rest assured, this is to help identify pre-existing conditions and again aid with a treatment plan. Depending on answer here, the Practitioner may use different treatment methods to assist you.

Treatment Methods

Your Practitioner may use many different methods to aid your recovery and rehab in sessions. These are listed below:Massage TherapyMassage Therapy is a treatment that involves using different hand movements and techniques to ease tension in joints and muscles, improve blood flow, reduce toxin levels and many more things. It can help with mobility and range of movement around a joint too making great as a general treatment when you have no specific injury or issue,


Modern science and research has shown acupuncture to stimulate the brain to aid in the production in natural pain relieving chemicals in the body called endorphins. This chemical will aid in the healing as well as provide pain relief.


Many different stretching techniques could be used. Practitioners may ask you to hold a stretch, push into a stretch or they may complete a stretch for you whilst you are relaxed.

UltrasoundUltrasound can be used to help reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation, and, according to some studies, promote bone fracture healing. Your Practitioner will adjust the levels to what they feel is required.

Other Treatments

Your practitioner may help sign post you to other treatment pathways available to assist alongside the work they complete, that being:Relax & Breathe ClassesThe relax and breathe classes are aimed at everyone who wishes to switch off from the world a little with extra benefit to those who are stressed or who have anxiety. They are simple Classes that incorporate some relaxation, some mindfulness meditation and mindful movement. They are for all ages and abilities.PilatesPilates helps to improve general health and wellbeing with a particular emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance.Yoga


Regular practise of Yoga can help improve joint mobility and functional strength, as well as relieving stress and tension. As well as improving health & wellbeing, yoga can be used as injury prevention, or for rehabilitation following an injury.Solution Focused HypnotherapyTogether you and the Practitioner will focus on YOUR desired future and how YOU want things to be. You are treated you as the expert on your own life, moving you into a more positive mind set. Helping you to think and express yourself more positively results in helping YOU enjoy life to the full!Podiatry and ChiropodyOur Podiatrists look after the daily health and wellbeing of your feet.We provide a simple toenail cutting service “just nails” and a full diabetic foot care programme.

What to wear in Physio or Sports Therapy/Massage

During Treatment you may be required to remove parts of clothing to ensure the best treatment possible for you. Generally attending a session in shorts and T-shirt would suffice. You may be requested to lay on your front in a bra, but remember, this is not anything new to the Team and discretion is used always with Practitioners leaving the room after discussing how they wish to treat you. Never will a patient be left to feel uncomfortable and communication is key at all levels.What is next?Following the treatment and re-assessment, the two of you will discuss a treatment plan. This will aid you getting back to peak fitness. This will also help prevent issues in the future. Your Practitioner will most likely be provide you with a set of exercises to follow at home with full instructions and guidance on how to complete them. The Practitioner may also offer practical advice concerning a patient’s lifestyle and diet.


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