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Your local independent sports injury and physiotherapy specialists

We're a team of highly skilled therapists experienced in treating sports injuries and pain felt in muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves.

Of course you don’t need to be an athlete or have a sports related injury to use us. Our team of specialists have over 50 years experience in treating recurring back/neck problems, trapped nerves, muscle strain, ligament damage and injured joints.

We follow a holistic approach to assessment, diagnosis and treatment, looking at the body as a whole rather than focusing on individual aspects of an injury or illness.

Our clinics have gained an excellent reputation for providing effective treatment and advice within a relaxed and friendly environment.

Client Testimonials

Our passion and dedication for helping people get back on their feet reflects highly through our client feedback.

I absolutely love the friendliness of the staff and the support they provide after they deliver treatment. I would recommend them to anyone!

Aaron T

Very professional and at the same time very friendly. Four weeks ago I could barely walk due to a knee problem. Now, no pain and no limp. Many thanks!

Marie F

I had weeks of hamstring problems and had stopped running to rest. I finally went to see Alan. One massage and some very simple exercises later and the hamstring issue was resolved. Same story for a quad/periformis problem. Much better after one appointment. Alan is great. Knows his stuff and no pressure to keep coming back. It's good value and money very well spent.

Carol D

What a great place! Welcomed with a cup of tea on each visit with that personal touch from receptionists. They take pride in talking to you personally. Couldn’t fault my guy. Got me fixed up in no time. Took the time out to talk to me and make me feel at ease. Will be back if something else needs fixing but booked for a general sports massage to keep on top of things. Great bunch of people and wish everyone the best.

David B

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