Privacy Policy

The nature of our business means we are required to store personal data. Here's what we hold, how we keep it safe, and why.

GDPR Website Privacy Policy

Your personal information is important to us and we endeavor to keep it safe and secure, and only use it for the purposes you trusted us to use it for.


From time to time, customers contact us with enquiries about the services we offer.

This may be over the phone, email, social media, in person, or through our website contact page.

We will respond to your enquiry without requesting any personal information we do not require. Generally we just need your name and how you want us to contact you i.e. your phone number or email address.

We do not use your information for any other purpose other than responding to your enquiry. You will not be added to any mail list, or contacted for any other purpose.


When you decide to book an appointment, this can be done over the phone, email, social media (private messaging) or online through our online booking system (TM2).

At the point of booking, we do not ask you for any personal health information, or any payment information. We just collect your name and contact details to enable us to book your appointment. This is because if you do not attend an appointment then we would have no reason to have collected sensitive information such as your medical details and payment details.

This information is inputted directly into our practice management system (TM2). This is a secure cloud based platform based in Ireland.

Once you have attended an appointment for treatment, your therapist will record a written summary of the session. This is in line with legal guidelines which all therapists are required to comply with – for your protection and ours. We have a full privacy policy which can be requested from us which gives you more information about your health record information, how we use/store it, and what rights you have.

Email List

When you attend our clinic for treatment, you are required to complete a Patient Registration form. On this form, you have the option to provide your email address – this is how you opt-in to our email list to receive email notifications of your appointments and our email newsletter.

You can contact our clinic at any time to request we delete your email address so you stop receiving email notifications of your appointments.

If you wish to opt out of the email newsletter, there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Simply click this and you will be unsubscribed.

We never pass your email details onto third parties or use it for any purpose other than to contact you about an appointment you have made, or to send the newsletter you subscribed to.

Our email platform (Mailigen) allows us to analyse who has opened emails, clicked on links within the emails, or unsubscribed. This is common practice with email newsletters and allows us to adjust content and improve user interaction.

Job Enquiries Through Our Website

You have the option on our Join Our Network page to submit a speculative enquiry regarding joining our Franchise, applying for jobs, or joining our events team.

Whatever you submit on here will come through to us via email, and will be stored on our email server until we delete it. Our retention schedule for this information is detailed in our company privacy policy and varies depending upon what has been submitted.

Online Job Applications

If you apply for a job online via a 3rd party website such as Indeed, your details will be stored by them on their server as well as our own email server.

These will be deleted 6 months after the close of the advert should you be unsuccessful with your initial application. The retention schedule will vary if you have the opportunity to attend and interview in line with employment law guidelines. Full details of these can be found in our Company Privacy Policy which is available upon request.

Legal Entities

Sports Physio UK operates as a UK based Franchise. Each of our clinics operate as separate legal entities and comply with strict franchisee agreements.


Sports Physio (UK) Ltd


Sports Physio (Shaw) Ltd
Sports Physio (Bury) Ltd

Both the franchise and franchisees operate as joint data controllers with access to your personal information. They are however restricted to accessing the information relevant to the clinic you attend. Should you wish to attend treatment at more than one clinic, individual franchisee’s can be permitted access to your records.


Our therapists are self-employed for HR purposes and provide services to our patients under Sub-Contractor agreements. They are fully qualified and insured to provide the relevant services.

Our reception and housekeeper staff are employees of Sports Physio (UK) Ltd.

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