Our Mascot Visits Slimming World In Shaw

August 20, 2023

Over the Christmas period our mascot for Sports Physio UK visited Slimming World in Shaw. Slimming World in Shaw is run by Linda Greaves. Having started her own weight loss journey some years ago with slimming world. Linda decided that due to her success she would become a rep for her local area Shaw and she has been running groups ever since.Linda loves to do what she does, it is evident just upon meeting her just how passionate she is and how she has helped so many people achieve their weight loss goals.

Slimming World

For anyone reading and who don’t know much about Slimming World. Slimming World was founded in 1969 by a lady called Margaret Miles-Bramwell who remains the driving force for the company to this day.Slimming world is just around the corner from Sports Physio UK and so our mascot put on his Christmas outfit and had a walk over. When he arrived, the atmosphere was very festive, and Linda had prepared a Slimming World buffet that looked amazing. Our mascot spent some time mingling with the locals and being his usual cheeky self.

slimming world

At Sports Physio UK we care for everyone holistically and understand that both mind and body are connected. Our therapists discuss nutrition with patients on a regular basis and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. At Slimming World Linda teaches people that to be healthy and lose weight doesn’t mean starving yourself and not eating your favourite food. She shows people that you can still have a varied diet with lots of things you probably thought you couldn’t eat. She supports and guides you and most of all, understands the journey you are on.It was even more impressing that Linda offers free sessions for 11-15 year olds if they attend with an adult. There is no pressure to lose weight, just guidance to make healthy choices when they can.This often results in weight loss and an increase in self confidence.If you are reading this and you have maybe over indulged at Christmas time, which most of us have, then why not join slimming world? Our mascot said he would highly recommend and that the atmosphere was caring warm and welcoming.

Slimming World

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