Giving Can Boost Your Well-being

August 20, 2023

Giving can boost your well-being according to MIND leading mental health organisation.You have probably heard about the five ways to well-being.GiveConnectBe activeTake noticeLearnWell-being is something that a lot of us take for granted but its so important to look after as our mental health is just as important as our physical health.If you’re not physically well it affects your mental health and if your mental health is poor it can affect your physical health. In the world of healthcare this is becoming more widely understood and implemented across many organisations.As we approach the festive season and new year resolutions are just on the horizon, we wanted to talk about the power of giving. Giving is such a powerful way to boost your well-being and improve health. Evidence has shown that people who give are more likely to rate themselves as happy. In addition to this, research has also shown that one act of kindness a week over a six-week period was associated with improved well-being.Christmas is ultimately about spending time with you loved ones and about giving. Whether that’s giving your time to help them over the festive period or giving them a heartfelt gift.Here at Sports Physio UK we have Christmas gift vouchers on offer that would make an ideal gift for a loved one. If your loved ones are regular customers of ours then it may be worth getting them a voucher to use to kick start the new year. It may be that you wanted to buy somebody a relaxing massage or reflexology treatment, here is a list of what vouchers we have on offer at the clinic.PhysiotherapyMassagePodiatryReflexologyIt’s not just about your loved ones, it’s also about you. We value the health and wellbeing of our customers here at the clinic and we ensure that our treatments are all about quality not quantity. So, make sure you are feeling your best for the festive period, any aches, or niggles, get booked in, we wouldn’t want you to miss the festivities.We hope your healthy and well in both mind and body and if you’re not were just a phone call away.Merry Christmas!

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