Waiting times slump for NHS physiotherapy appointments in Oldham

August 20, 2023

NHS Waiting times slump in Oldham

In recent weeks, we have had an influx of patients contacting us here at Sports Physio UK, after being forced to go private for physiotherapy treatment.NHS providers in the Oldham and Rochdale areas have reportedly been unable to offer them appointments until early 2018. This 2 month delay will leave patients to suffer over the Christmas period.

An 8-12 week wait for physiotherapy treatment is unacceptable.

Delay in treatment prolongs recovery

It is widely accepted that a delay in treatment results in a prolonged recovery. This is the result of adapted movement and behaviours whilst in pain.Patients in pain 'learn' to move differently - the longer this goes on for, the more problems it causes.

Forced to go private

We openly support the NHS, but patients should always have the option of free NHS services before having to pay privately for treatment.Patients now face a long wait for free NHS treatment, which ends up being education and advice only without any hands on treatment.Those seeking fast access to a high standard of effective treatment - they are being forced to seek private physiotherapy.

Sports Physio UK

Here at Sports Physio UK we endevour to offer patients appointments within 24 hours. Our appointments are predominantly hands on, and we give patients exercises to go home and work on to enhance their recovery.Related Article: Pathway as a Patient as Sports Physio UK

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