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August 20, 2023

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy CPD

Here at Sports Physio UK, we feel it is important to facilitate a proactive learning environment for our Team. Ongoing learning as a healthcare professional is known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).Our Team benefit from a structured programme of weekly CPD, and cover a different area or topic each week.In clinic, we often see patients presenting with aches, pains and symptoms which have developed for no apparent reason. This is known as an insideous onset of symptoms. Patients very rarely realise that these symptoms can be a chronic accumulation or overload of emotional stressors, which manifest into physical symptoms.Think of it as the brain being a control centre on overdrive. This overdrive ramps up the neural stimulation throughout the whole body, often increasing muscle tension. Please note, this is a very very simplified analogy of what really happens, but it helps you understand the link between mind and body.

How to identify if your emotional stressors are taking over (one or more of these):

  • Sleep less than 8 hours every night?
  • Have a disturbed sleep - tossing and turning, or waking up through the night?
  • Wake up in a morning and still feel tired?
  • Have frequent nagging aches or pains in your body?
  • Have physical aches/pains, but no obvious cause?
  • Suffer from IBS, food intollerances or digestive issues?
  • Suffer from psoriasis, eczema or other skin irritations?
  • Developed intollerances, allergies or irritations during adult life?
  • Got a short fuse, get aggressive or snap at people?
  • Suffer from frequent headaches or migranes?

These are just some of the common physical manifestations which Solution Focused Therapy can help with.Here at Sports Physio UK, we will often sign post people on to other services which we feel may be beneficial to their wellbeing. This may be to our:

  • Relax & Breathe classes
  • Consultations with our Wellbeing Specialist (Lucy Livesey)
  • Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy (Janine Traviss)

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy CPD

Janine Traviss is a clinical psychotherapist based in Shaw, and works with some of our patients to help them on their journey back to wellness.This week Janine was a guest speaker at our CPD session, helping the team to understand how to identify these underlying emotional stressors when working with our patients.Patient's come to us seeking a solution to their physical symptoms - sometimes referring them on to Janine is how we reach that solution. It may even be in conjunction with their physiotherapy/sports therapy.

Upcoming Events

Janine Traviss is running a workshop here at Sports Physio UK on 25th Nov 2017Tickets are only £5 and ideal for anybody who can relate to the context of this article, or public/professionals just wanting to learn more.Click Here to read more or book on to the event: Welcome to Your Stress Bucket

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If you would like to discuss how we can help you, feel free to drop us an email and we can give you a call.Relax & Breathe Classes £5Solution Focused HypnotherapyAll other services - click here

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