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August 20, 2023

Rochdale Hypnobirthing - Relax & Breathe

We are now offering Hypnobirthing classes in Shaw for for parents in the Rochdale area preparing for the birth of their baby.Our classes do not teach hardcore self-hypnosis which some parents have been put off by, instead we offer the Wise Hippo birthing programme. This programme teaches you the techniques to have a calm and relaxed birth.

Labour doesn't have to hurt

We teach you the true reality of childbirth, and why it doesn't have to be a painful, traumatic birth.By utilising the relaxation techniques, and embracing the birth, you can avoid the stress and pain which many women struggle with.

The birth you deserve

As expectant parents, you are already loving and nurturing your baby in preparation for the birth. Continue this by planning the birth you and your baby deserve. Why not deliver your baby in a relaxed, peaceful environment? Deliver your baby without the uncontrolled pain, stress and anxiety.Read more on our dedicated website: Relax & Breathe HypnobirthingWe run both 1-to-1 and small group courses - both in the relaxed environment of our wellbeing studio here at Sports Physio UK (Shaw, Oldham). This is in close proximity to Rochdale making it easily accessible.To enquire, please email or call 01706 842996

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