Pregnancy Massage Now Available At Sports Physio UK

August 20, 2023

Being pregnant should be one of the most amazing times of your life. However, for some women, the physical changes in the body can be somewhat difficult leading to a decline in Physical health and then affecting psychological well-being. This can be due to aches and pains in the body that were not present before pregnancy but have developed due to the new physical demands that are placed on the body during pregnancy.During pregnancy, we are connected to our babies just as we are connected to our body’s. What mum feels baby feels too and that is why it is so important to seek out support where needed. So if you are feeling down and fed up about not feeling your ‘best self’ during pregnancy, don’t suffer in silence!Taking care of your body in pregnancy is important. There are lots of things you can do to help soothe the physical discomforts in pregnancy such as gentle exercise, getting plenty of rest when needed, swimming and pregnancy massage.Here at Sports Physio UK we are now offering pregnancy massage. Hayley has worked in private practice since graduating from university in 2013. She offers a range of treatments and has recently gained her qualifications in pregnancy massage. Many pregnant ladies are now choosing to see Hayley here at the clinic due to the professional clinical environment, her kind and compassionate nature and the quality of the treatments she offers.

If you are interested in having a pregnancy massage, then you can book by phoning the clinic on 01706 842 996 or alternatively book online here.While Hayley addresses your physical health, let Lucy take care of your psychological health. Lucy offers relaxation classes and antenatal courses, see here for more details.Keep following our blogs!

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