CPD | Management of Recreational Runners

August 20, 2023

In clinic this week some of our team came together for our fortnightly CPD session. CPD means continuous professional development. Rick Livesey (Physiotherapist & Pain Specialist) joined the team to discuss the effective management of recreational runners we see in clinic.A high number of recreational runners will take up the exercise to get active and turnaround a sedentary lifestyle. Over these sedentary years they have developed poor biomechanics with pelvis malalignment, muscle imbalances, tightness and restrictions.

As they crank up the mileage beyond 5-10km runs, they very often 'breakdown' with injuries and issues.Their pain is very often a symptom developed from a biomechanical overload - the problem is elsewhere in the body.Our team today were discussing the connections in these biomechanical (kinetic) chains, and the importance of us understanding the patients 'story'. We spend time understanding the patients lifestyle, their job, their history and any other medical issues they have had. The better we can understand this, the more effectively we can help them.The management plan for an injury will also take into account the stage in the training cycle, particularly relevant for races and marathons. The treatment of a niggling injury can easily become very complex, especially if the runner is planning to further increase their running speed and distance.5 Steps In the Effective Management of a Runner

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Diagnosis and plan
  • Hands on treatment
  • Home exercises
  • Maintenance & management

This is why it is important to get effective treatment from specialists such as ourselves - we don't just treat the symptoms.Think you need our help? Physiotherapy, sports therapy and sports massage sessions are £40 and all include good quality, hands-on treatment.Call us:

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