How To Prepare For A Relaxed Birth

August 20, 2023

Hypnobirthing is a term that many of us have heard of and probably know nothing about. Many people believe it means to be hypnotised while giving birth or that it has something to do with water. These two descriptions couldn’t be more further from the truth.

Lucy Relax & Breathe Hypnobirthing

The Wise Hippo Birthing programme that Lucy teaches here at Sports Physio UK is a programme that uses traditional hypnobirthing techniques. It teaches women to feel in control, to feel calm and confident and to empower women to have the right birth for them on the day. Lucy doesn’t advocate that women cannot use pain relief and that women can choose to If they wish.We have all be conditioned to believe that birth must be a horrible painful experience because that is what we hear and see on TV. If we expect birth to be a painful experience, then the likelihood of this happening is very high. However, if you enter birth feeling excited, calm, and relaxed then the muscles of the body relax helping them work in harmony and the outcome is likely to be a more comfortable relaxed birth.To watch what birth could be like click here.During this four-week course Lucy teaches women and birth partners to use self-hypnosis scripts to stay calm and relaxed before birth during and after. Hypnosis is a very scary word often misunderstood by many people. When we talk about hypnosis in a hypnobirthing sense we are talking about trance.We all naturally go in and out of our natural states of trance all the time. Some examples include; driving, watching a movie, daydreaming and even when we are having sex. Lucy helps you get into a natural state of trance by guiding you into a state of relaxation. Once in this state of relaxation positive suggestions can be planted and new ways of thinking can develop.Aside from hypnosis, Lucy teaches women and birth partners how the muscles of the body work during labour and how you can work with them. She teaches education about birth and some amazing breathing techniques to help you stay calm and focused.She also teaches how birth partner is as important as mum and how they have an important role to play on the day. If you want more information about the course content, then click here.[caption id="attachment_7748" align="alignleft" width="225"]

New Dad

Carl used Lucy's Hypnobirthing techniques with his wife Myla. His role as dad and protector of the birth experience was so important and he knew exactly what his role was and how to keep Myla calm. Here he is with Jackson.[/caption]Lucy is a firm advocate of the Wise Hippo Birthing programme as she has successfully used the techniques herself. This was the reason she trained to become an instructor to help women have a more positive birth experience.We say here at Sports Physio UK you wouldn’t enter a marathon without training so why go into birth without doing any preparation. If your feeling anxious about birth then send us message, we can offer payment plans to suit your needs if you cannot make full payment initially. In addition, to the course, you will also be provided with MP3 tracks and a book to work through. This is great as it means that should you choose to have another baby then you can use the programme and techniques as many times as you like.You have a choice, the easier way, or the harder way, you choose!To check out some of the other treatments Lucy offers click here.

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