Lucy Teaches All About Anxiety

August 20, 2023

This week in clinic Lucy Livesey (well being specialist and mental health nurse) led our CPD session all about Anxiety.At the clinic we believe mental health is just as important as physical health and so it’s important our therapist are aware of common conditions such as Anxiety.According to Mind, leading mental health organisation, 1 in 6 people struggle with a common mental health condition such as anxiety or depression.Lucy discussed anxiety, its causes and interventions both from a medical view and a self-help approach. At the clinic we have our popular relax and breathe classes that Lucy runs that are aimed to help reduce stress, help with anxiety and develop better coping techniques. Lucy is the ideal person to help so if your struggling in silence, get In touch.We run weekly CPD at sports physio UK as we believe continuous professional development is important. This means that our therapists are always developing, resulting in a high standard of treatment that focuses on quality not quantity,We offer this CPD to any therapist working under our popular Sports Physio brand, this includes our Shaw clinic and other clinics that you will see opening in the not too distant future.Its Christmas time so mince pies were most definitely a must!


If you are interested in working under our brand and taking advantage of the fantastic CPD opportunities we have in clinic then click here for more information.Keep following!

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