How To Be Happier

August 20, 2023

How To Be Happier

Most people find themselves going through life unhappy with a lot of things and often ask themselves why am I so unhappy and how can i be happier?Sometimes there are things you can’t change in life and some things you can. Often changing something is ok for a while but you soon find something else to be unhappy with…this ailment is known quite commonly as the human condition, or being human!We do have some control however when it comes to circumstances in which you feel unhappy. The control we have is having the ability to change the way you react to a situation.Here’s an example;Meet Jack.

Jack was standing in the queue at Tesco, he had been standing there for such a long time, the lady on the checkout wasn’t in any rush to scan the food quickly, she talked on and on to the customers in front of jack. Jack could feel himself getting angry. Jack huffed and puffed, he didn’t have time for this, he was already in a rush, he had to get home, walk the dog, make tea for the kids, and get to an event he had committed to. He knew he didn’t have time for any of this and he wasn’t happy at all with situation he was in.Meet Phil. Phil on the other hand was behind jack, Phil had a busy schedule for the evening too, however Phils reacti

on was different. Phil knew that he couldn’t change anything in this situation, he couldn’t make the lady go quicker or stop talking, he couldn’t stop time and he certainly couldn’t walk out without his shopping. So instead Phil enjoyed this time in the queue, he knew getting disgruntled wouldn’t change anything. It would in fact make him feel awful, maybe give him a headache, and change his mood. Instead Phil enjoyed this time in a queue, he took the time to look around him, to be present in that moment, to relax and do nothing for a while. Phil left the store in a much happier state than jack.Often our reactions to situations are what makes us unhappy, a change in perspective is usually enough to make us feel happier in a situation. Taking all the positives from a terrible day makes such a difference, there are always positives from any situation, even in the darkest of times.Below is a list of other things you can be doing to help increase your happiness;

  • Use humour and just enjoy yourself. Often laughter is the best medicine, try and see the funny side to things instead of focusing on the negatives. Jokes have a way of making situations or worries less important.
  • Make time to do the things that you enjoy the most. Doing the things, we enjoy most can help us feel happier for more of the time. Studies have shown that people who do this have less days when they feel unhappy as opposed to feeling happy.
  • Do something you are good at. Often doing something we are good at makes us feel good and valued. If your good at sport, then play sport, if your good at singing, then sing and so on.
  • Try doing less of the things that make you feel good at the time but bad afterwards like drinking alcohol or eating junk food. Eating and drinking things we know are not good for us, feel good at the time, but can lower your mood for days after.
  • Treat yourself as you would treat a valued friend. Make some time for you, value yourself, your body, your mind. We are such amazing beings and we need to look after ourselves, for some well needed ‘me time’ click here.
  • Get enough sleep- studies have shown that people who don’t sleep enough are unhappy, sleep is a huge part of survival for us and when we don’t get enough of it, it not only affects physical health but it affects our emotional wellbeing.

For more information on sleep click here.

  • Getting enough exercise is so important, it not only makes us feel better and more positive about our self-image but it helps release those all-important endorphins. Otherwise known as the happy hormones.
  • Talk and connect with others. Talking and sharing your problems or concerns can often help us put a situation or a worry into perspective, a problem shared is a problem halved.

So guys, It’s down to you to make the changes, only you can make you happier so start today. It’s always best to note too that some days you may not be happy, but that’s ok too. If we were happy all of the time then it wouldn’t feel so great to be happy, sometimes the contrast when feeling a little down makes us appreciate the times when we do feel happy.Keep reading and following our blogs from the experts at Sports Physio UK.Sports Physio UK – Facebook | Twitter

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