Application of Clinical K-Taping | CPD at Sports Physio UK

August 20, 2023

Our weekly CPD programme has been back up and running since the start of the month following the Christmas break.This week saw the team venture to the our new Bury clinic, which opened last week.With facilitator Lucy off-site at the Oldham Healthwatch Event, the Team were left to their own devices with a stand in facilitator - this resulted in the cake being left 12 miles away at the Oldham clinic. Despite their famine, the Team cracked on with the CPD.Senior sports therapist Scott Woodhead took a lead role, teaching the team about Kinesiology tape which has become increasingly prolific since its emergence at the Olympic games.Kinesiology tape, generally referred to as K-tape, is used in clinic as a valuable adjunct to traditional massage based therapy. K-tape is an elasticated tape, applied in various ways to achieve different clinical results.Scott explained how the tape comes already at a 15% stretch on it's adhesive backing, with strips and tails being used to create anchor points and treatment areas.The application itself is very specific, with the muscle/joint being positioned on a stretch before the tape is applied using 0% stretched anchor points, and 0-100% stretch to create a therapeautic intervention.Classically used for reducing pain, promoting lymphatic drainage, K-taping can be used for both acute and chronic conditions. Used alone, it is unlikely to achieve long lasting results, however it can be valuable intervention between treatment sessions due to it's ability to get wet and remain in-situ for 4-5 days.Check out the images below to see the Team using our intern Matt Treacy as a guinea pig.

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